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How Can I Get a Mainland License in Dubai?

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Mainland License in Dubai? 

Mainland business licenses offer you the freedom to do trade with the customers directly and provide services to the government. Check out the benefits that Indian investors and entrepreneurs enjoy on availing of a mainland business license in Dubai:  

Opportunity To Trade With Other Mainland Businesses

Having a mainland license allows you to do trade activities with other companies in the mainland area. On the other hand, free zone businesses limit the trading option within the same zone; And if they like to do trade with mainland businesses, a lot of legal requirements are needed. Mainland businesses have access to the UAE and beyond without any limitations.  

Good Market Presence 

One of the biggest benefits of having a mainland business license is to open a shop/office anywhere in Dubai, UAE. Furthermore, this is the best way to do business in the local market as well as permit you to set up offices in any location within UAE. This moreover increases the presence of your company country-wide.  

So, if you are an Indian investor wishing for a good market presence and long-lasting growth in the Dubai market, getting a mainland business license is a preferable option.  

Unlimited Visa Grants 

Mainland companies can apply for endless visa grants, only when you can fulfill the basic office space need of 50 sq feet per visa. With an endless growing scope, Indian investors have more options to use their human capital.  

Initiative To Promote FDI 

A sudden alteration in economic policy has made the Dubai mainland business license more appealing for Indian investors and business owners. Before, the mainland certificate only offered complete ownership to the Emiratis.  

However, now it extends the same ownership to Indian investors in thirteen sectors, covering- e-commerce, logistics, IT, storage, transport, communication, etc. Furthermore, the FDI Law (Foreign Direct Investment Law) removed the previous limitations on Indian entrepreneurs doing trade in the Dubai mainland.  

What Are the Steps Of Getting a Mainland License in Dubai? 

Below are the main steps that need to be followed in order to attain a mainland license in Dubai: 

Step 1: Choose a Business Activity  

Choose a business activity that you wish to do in the Dubai mainland. Try to understand the practicality of the trade activity and if it is possible to carry on such activity on the mainland.   

Step 3: Choose Legal Structure or Legal Form 

Having a legal form or structure is a must for all businesses in Dubai. Further, a legal form is inferred by the DED (Dubai Economic Development) body and must be followed by the business organization.  

Step 4: Reserve Your Company Name  

Select your business or company name that will be the identity of your business. After finalizing the trade name, get it reserved as per the DED and obey the processes according to their disclosure.  

Step 5: Apply for Primary Approval  

The initial approval application offers you the chance to begin your business in Dubai mainland. Following that, apply for other licenses as given by the Dubai Economic Development Authority.  

Step 6: Avail the External Approvals  

A few businesses may need approvals from Dubai ministries, municipalities, and judicial authorities. Receiving external approvals is really important and should be followed by the business owner in order to get the business certified.  

Step 7: Get the Documentation/ Paperwork  

Any need for supplementary documentation and paperwork relies upon one business to another. Many companies acquire additional documentation depending on how they like to establish their business in the Dubai mainland.  

Step 8: Rent a Space and Get Ejari  

It’s ideal for a new Indian investor to rent office space for his/her new startup in Dubai mainland. However, Businesses in the Dubai mainland have to show their Ejari (my rent) proof to the DED to get their mainland business license.  

What Are the Documents Required To Get a Mainland License in Dubai? 

The necessary documents required by any Indian investor, businessman, or entrepreneur to get a Dubai Mainland License are as follows:  

  • Passport copies of the shareholders.   
  • Entry stamp or Visa page.   
  • Passport size photograph.   

How Much Is a Mainland License Cost in Dubai? 

The mainland license cost in Dubai that an Indian or any foreign businessman has to pay begins from 29,000 – 30,000AED for an LLC business with one investor visa. The good news is, now there is no need for a UAE partner of the company, the Indian investors get complete ownership of the LLC business.  

Well, additional costs may apply while applying for a license or setting up a business setup in Dubai mainland (Extra expenses include rent and official charges, etc). Moreover, to avail of a valid mainland license at the minimal price possible, you may get in touch with a business consultancy specialist. 

Procure Your Mainland License in Dubai 

The benefits for Indian investors having a mainland license are immense in Dubai. If you are planning on getting a Dubai mainland license, reach out to our experts at Gulfroots to your time, money, and effort. Our experienced consultants are well versed to handle the end-to-end process to acquire a Dubai mainland license. 

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